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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Turning a Pigs Ear into a Silk Purse!

"Cathy's Flowers" - The silk purse 
Have you ever heard the above phrase before?  It means that from something so common or ugly as a pigs ear you can create beauty.  My Mom would often use this phrase when she would miraculously create a beautiful garment from cast down fabric.  Anyway, this project started as a Wearable Arts Challenge (below) that was going no where, into successful (?) Wall Art.  A big improvement!  The belt was wide and at my age I do not need a "belly band"!  This piece is named "Cathy's Flowers" for my friend Cathy.  Her favorite comment is that something needs more Shinny S...t.  While making the flowers and background from upholstery fabric I could see that all the colors were the same intensity and that they really needed a spark.  Then I heard Cathy's voice in my ear!   What a difference and just what the piece needed.

The Pig's Ear!
Just a little note, I am going to Houston for the huge quilt/quilt art show so I won't be doing anything to show you for a spell.  I expect to come back with lots of inspiration and new techniques to try, so it shouldn't be too long before you will be seeing more posts.

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  1. you always do something so creative! and your writing about it is enlightening........I thought the shiny shit was great!