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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Successful Show

Yesterday, the Artful Women took down the Grass Valley Show.  We had so much fun on so many levels.  First, we enjoyed organizing the show, making cards, and designing the show.  Next, we had the best Artist Reception with loads of food, music, and friends that visited.  Here, I have to say a Big Thank You for my friends that drove so far just to see the show.  It make for an extra special night.  I know my Mom and Dad would have been besides themselves with pride.  (You never get over trying to please the parents!)  
I was recently asked if the event was successful.  The fact is that two pieces of art were sold, two of my small 12 x 12s were sold and we sold 14 packs of note cards.  I might sounds small, but it was one of the more successful art shows that the Center for the Arts has hosted.  We are more than grateful for the beautiful facility, the perfect lighting, and the helpful volunteers.  But beyond the $$ we all have learned so much about creating an exhibit and had so much fun doing it, that I can truthfully say...                   YES it was successful!