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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I believe it.
 I keep having this idea but just can't seem to translate it into fiber.  I want to show the gray area between oil being the root of all evil -war, pollution of air, soil and bodies and the truth that without oil not only would we be without our comforts - transportation, convenient food storage, soap - but we would lose vital things - fertilizer to feed millions, replacement knees, hips, and hearts.  I'll just keep on drawing idea and hopefully something will jump up and grab me.

Have a happy Fourth of July and enjoy our wonderful life and country.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

SAQA Benefit Auction 2010

Layers II - SAQA Benefit Auction 2010

Here is my donation to the Studio Art Quilt Association (SAQA) for 2010.  You can find this piece and many many others at this site.  It is an opportunity to buy works of internationally known artists for a fraction of the usual expense.  You can also buy great work of lesser and obscure artists (this is me).  Whatever, it is really wonderful to look at all the work.  Sorry I can't just plunk in a link but that cleverness is on my "to do" list. 
This piece is more of the layering and fusing of sheer fabric along with dye discharge fabric and beads.  You can see the dye discharge in a previous blog.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I Won!!!

As mentioned in the previous blog, I had two of my fiber art pieces juried into the PAL - Lincoln Art Foundation Show.  Well, yesterday a buddy and I went to see the show and guess what.... I won second prize in Mixed Media!  I am really excited because this was my first art show and then to be awarded a prize-- Oh Boy!  On June 24, between 5 and 9PM there is an Artist Reception and Award Ceremony.   Snacks will be served and everyone is invited.  Again, thanks to everyone for their encouragement.  It is hard to imagine a more bountiful life - Thank you.

Here is a portion of the piece that won second prize. Judge - Douglas Van Howd

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sharpie Magic

Last year I saw a booklet that explored the idea of creating fabric dye using Sharpie Pens and I have been having more fun.  Previously I have used them to create lining for a vest, a flower on stretched artist canvas, and of course on fabric.  Here are my latest... Both are for challenges I am participating in.  The black and white was inspired by a cup and the Radish/Beet? are possibly for MAQ.

Left is cup inspired drawing.                            Right is after alcohol spray 


                            After some stitching but before beads.                       


These were to look like radishes but came out like beets.  Red pens changed color a bit with the alcohol.

If you would like to try this, just yell!  Pam

Just a note: Two of my fiber art - Pumpkin (in Gallery) and Layers were juried into the Placer Art League Open Juried Art Show - In cooperation with Lincoln Arts & Culture Foundation.
There will be an Artists' Reception and Award Ceremony on Thursday, June 24 at 5 to 9 PM. 
Address is Lincoln Arts Gallery 580 Sixth Street, Lincoln
It would be great to see you.  Thanks, Pam

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Preparation, Perspiration, Frustration

Here is what I did this morning instead of working on my art projects.  While I always enjoy making jam - apricot/pineapple- it is frustrating to find myself not in my room during my more productive time of the day.  After lunch, I am going for it.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Support from Friends

     How many of you are surprised when someone compliments you on your work?  First reaction is to deny the compliment  and the second reaction is to be embarrassed.  Now telling someone they are not smart enough to evaluate your work is very rude, but to just look confident and accept the compliment is another story.  So what to do.  First, we really do have to accept that others can understand your work and could just possibly be correct in their evaluation.   Next is to just try and look confident, smile, and say thank you.  So that is a goal for me and it is getting better.  But it also does bring to mind just how fortunate I have been to have friends and non friends willing to give support and help.
    I started to write a posting about some of these friends and well.... the blog is not big enough.  There are so many!  Some have spent considerable time with me other less but often it was the little comment that gave me the boost I needed.  We truly are connected together and each kindness multiplies well beyond our understanding.  So how to thank so many is beyond me but it is time to thank the beginning.
   Now you might expect I would say my Mom, but learning from your Mom is often a bit difficult.  It wasn't because she didn't offer, then threaten, and plead but I was just a young stubborn girl.  The person that did get me to try hand work and quilting was my Mother In Law - "Skip" Berry.  Skip found the first magazine, provided the fabric, and the gentle persuasion.  Her quilts are made with the recipient in mind and with care.  Her work is precise and she hand quilts beautifully.  Her first quilt for my family was made of fabric from the sewing for her family over the years.  She even got fabric from my Mom that had been used to make my own dresses and outfits.  Over the years as I moved from the traditional, she was always interested and supportive.  She is a good friend.
   So, all of us must stand tall next time a compliment comes our way because not only are we taking the compliment for ourselves, but for all those wonderful people that have helped along the way.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Friends, Food, Fabric -

Hostess Marjan Kluepfel getting friends into the spirit of the day!

What a great day with good friends, food, and fabric.  On Wed Marjan Kluepfel was hostess to the Critique Group. After a exciting review of our latest work we were led by Marjan in the process of Dye Discharge.  If you have never tried this process, please do so because it is more fun and not much preparation or work.  While there are always lessons to learn the basic idea is a 50/50 mixture of household bleach and water.  Fabric is cotton (prewashed) and while solids show off stamps and templates a fabric tone on tone or pattern give surprises.  Below are some examples.

Here is Debra Hosler, Peg Fairbrook, Pam Berry & Louise Schiele preparing their fabric.

I had folded this fabric into thirds then randomly secured with rubber bands.  The bleach mixture was then "painted" over piece.  Secondary color showed immediately!  Marjan explained manufactures will  over dye one color fabric with black.  The first colors are what give you the surprise.  My surprise was the design of the folding/bands, because being a bit compulsive I had cut small pieces of my fabric and soaked them in pure bleach for 6 min.  My inner child likes some control!

Here I am using snowflake patterns I had cut out of freezer paper.  Then I used a spay of the bleach mixture to get these results---

Can you see the potential of this process?  The drips from the spray bottle make interesting marks.  This process is so immediately gratifying!

Here are some of the results.  The long orange/brown to the left is fold/band fabric discussed above.

This is Louise Schiele's patterned fabric.  You can see the original pattern in the lower right.  Can you just imagine what Louise will create with this?

Important! Safety requires that you work in a place where bleach won't splash onto something important; you should wear old clothes; and wear eye protection and gloves.  If you use a spray bottle watch out for spray and do not reuse bottle or any other purpose.

What an exciting process and it is so easy.  Anyone can do it!  So just grab some fabric, mix a 50/50 mixture of bleach/water and go for it.