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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Another show! The Gallery at 48 Natoma

Point II

This is an example from the show -
                  "ARTful Women - Six Voices in Cloth"  
Myself with Sandra Poteet, Lin Schiffner, Ann Sanderson, Gail Sims and Joan Dyer are having a show at the Gallery at 48 Natoma.
The show will provide you with a wide variety of styles, a real feast for your eyes.
Show dates:  January 23 - March 12, 2015
RECEPTION:  JAN 23   6-8:00PM
Where:  The Gallery at 48 Natoma
              48 Natoma St.
              Folsom, CA  94530
Hours:  Moday - Friday 9am-5pm
Tuesday & Wednesday Evenings 6-8pm
Hope you can make the show and/or reception.

Good News

Shadow on the Sea
The good, no great news, is that I sold my "Shadow on the Sea" at the Pence Gallery in Davis!  What fun and how great to think it is hung and appreciated in someone's home.  
As mentioned before, I have in the past forgotten how my art can become someone's enjoyment.  Now when working, I'm thinking of how art is really for someone out in the world.  The artist enjoys the creation for a period of time, but the owner will enjoy it for years and it will become a familiar thing in their environment.  This  perspective is very satisfying to me.
Thanks again to all my friends that journeyed down to Davis to view the show.  The reception was made special by having friends celebrate with me.  I won't think back fondly on the Pence gallery, without remembering my friends.
Thank you to Natalie Nelson, Director/Curator, for all her assistance in the selection process and hanging of the show.  I enjoyed working with her and her associates.