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Thursday, June 30, 2011

blue line gallery - Juried into the Fabricated Exhibit

Just wanted you to know that I have had three pieces juried into the blue line gallery - Fabricated Exhibit.  Yes three of them.  Pumpkins, Birch Tree Sunlight, and Nuggets.  It is very exciting.  A friend, Susie, had three of her gorgeous dolls accepted.  I am proud to show along side her work.
The show is July 9th to August 3rd, at 405 Vernon Street, Ste.100, Roseville.  Phone is 916 434 7368.  The Artist Reception is on July 16 at 7:00 - 9:00 PM.  Hope you can drop by. 

I have been working on two pieces.  One is a whole cloth with my Sharpie colors and the second is a MAQ Challenge.  The Sharpie is coming along but need to add embellishments to create a line for your eye to follow.  The MAQ Challenge is for the five of us to create from the same pictures, then each will be cut into five pieces and exchanged.  The artists will then re-join them how ever they want.  We will see what happens.  I just love the sunflower so far.  The reveal will be in Oct.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Two for One - or the Tale of Two Landscapes

Here is something a little new.  Suzanne (friend that creates Glass Art) gave me a beautiful glass tree, and earlier she let me play in her studio where I made a black/purple stick tree.  The question was how to use them.  I kept thinking of wool roving and felting so out came the boxes of roving and then the fun began.  Using a pizza pan as a template I cut two 12" black felt circles.  The different colors of wool were used like paint but it was too bold.  Remembering a  felting class, I mixed the wool - blue and steel blue for sky, brown and white for distant hills of snow.  Some wool  is "raw", which means there are still twigs and unknown brown stuff.  Sounds weird but it makes great snow.  Some greenish brown yarn made the furrowed hills.  This was getting to be a lot of fun but then the hard technical stuff came up.  Like how do I attach the felt circles to the felt board, how do I make sure the trees are both going in the right direction, and finally how do I attach the trees.  In the end everything worked out.  My new plan is to make round design using my favorite fabric - Quilter's Lame'.  I have ordered two more round  and square base.  Hope you like it.... do you have any suggestions for a name?