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Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm Showing at the Artery

My friend TC has again extended an invitation for the Davis Artery's guest show titled "8 by 8 Small and Great".  Show dates are April 8 - 19.  The gallery is on 207 G Street, Davis, phone 530.758.8330 web site-   There will be an artist reception on the evening of April 8 between 7 -9pm.  This is the same night as the Davis Downtown "Art About" so there will be many other art venues to visit.  Of course wine, sparkling water, and tasty goodies will be available.  It would be fun to see you there.

Spring- Long view and detail during construction!

I decided to create a pedestal piece.  This is a new area for me and there were lots of engineering issues but I had great fun creating the three dimensional piece.  Does it remind you of Spring?

For those of you with a more professional perspective... I am work on the picture taking skills!

Now that you made it..What do you do with it!

Isn't this always the question after you try a new technique or dye a new piece of fabric?  Well since I needed a Wearable Art Show and Tell, I used the Tie Dye fabric (shown in a previous blog) for a scarf.  It went together in 45 min!  Just a simple tube with a channel down the center for some wired ribbon, plus a cool pin from the Stitches show.  It is comfortable and fun to wear.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with the rest of the fabric!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tie Dying to Die For...

In the Oct/Nov 2010 Issue of Quilting Arts, Kathy Barinholtz wrote about her adventure with dying silk fabric with silk ties.  So last week, Cassandra, Carolyn, and I set up for our own adventure.  We were surprised with the color that transfers and pattern combinations.  The ties don't transfer exactly but often "bleed" components of the original dye.  Brown would give us orange, reds would go both bright and light, so the best part was unwrapping the bundles.  (I have not included the process here because of ownership concerns but read the article and you will find it is an easy and quick process that leads to beautiful muted shades)   The ties can be re-used so I have a full stock for the next adventures.  One note on the process - we could not find an aluminum pot but a friend's husband (a chemist) told us to line the pot with heavy duty foil.  This proved to be all that we needed.  Hope you can try this.  Let me know in the comment section how your adventure turns out!