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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wearable Art or at least wearable!

Here is another instance where I can hear my Mother laugh!  I have avoided sewing for most of my life.  Mom always was there to teach me, but for some reason it just never clicked.  I mostly made fabric rags.  Well here I am and with the help and patience of several friends I can actually wear the product.  And there is more!  Soon on these pages you will see a truly amazing sweater!  Anyway, I find this somewhat enjoyable and am starting on another art jacket for another Rachel Clark Exhibit.

First is my coat from a pattern by Indygo Junction - Amy Barickman #IJ885.  I had to narrow the sleeves and eliminate the pleat because of the fabric.  It should be fun to wear this winter.


Fall Jacket

Second is a sweater that I bought because of the pockets and zipper, but then felt it was too plain.  At a Needle Arts meeting last year, Claudia Knous gave a presentation on her beautiful felt pieces.  I just had to have one.  It was felted leaves that you would wear around your neck and shoulders.  Loved the piece but didn't like it on my neck!  What to do... so I combined the pieces and I do hope that Claudia doesn't mind the liberties I took with her work.  But now I have something I will wear for sure.

Just a note.  You might have noticed the new bar at the top.  It indicated how many of you kind people review this blog.  I was shocked and so pleased at how often it is reviewed!  Don't worry, I have no idea who you are.  In another area, a map displays in which countries/states visitors reside.  I hope to find friends all around the world and you can help.  If you have an out-of-country friend, please forward my blog site.  It will only take one per country!  Thanks again for your visits and I hope you are all enjoying your own creative journeys.

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