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Thursday, November 10, 2011

We're all better artists for----

Pam at Houston with Leaves of Costa Rica
"We're all better artists for having come to Houston".  This was said by a fellow visitor to the Houston Quilt Festival during one of those wonderful instant friendships that spring up on the the gallery floor.  How true!  Every piece, both traditional and contemporary were inspirations.  The subject matter was often thought provoking and the techniques were amazing.  The skill all the artists displayed was something to aspire to.  Guess by now you know how I felt about the show, but that was not the only thing that was note worthy.  The people I met, the tours that SAQA  provided, the enthusiasm and excitement was overwhelming.  I was fortunate enough to have a piece in the show and so I wore a ribbon declaring me a "Finalist".  What fun and how humbling.  Have you ever felt that maybe they had left the back door open and you just got in?  Well that is how I started out, but with all the kind and excited people coming up and congratulating me... I soon just relaxed and really enjoyed myself.  Self doubt is always there.

Speaking of self doubt... I hope all of you that have considered entering a show, will do so in the next year.  Entering is sometimes confusing but manageable.  There are friends that will help with the photography and computer work.  Please consider trying because it is not just you that will miss out, but the others who would be inspired by your work.  Don't let self doubt hold you back.

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