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Monday, September 20, 2010

Play Date

Did we use to do this in Kindergarten?  What fun to have all sorts of toys and to just play.  How does this work?  How does this look?  What if I do this... or that?  Then it looks good or maybe it needs something more.  All that my friend Debra and I did was to enjoy the day and let our left (?) brain have a field day.  Whatever your choice of fun we all need to just turn off the production mode; due date; and "I have to get this done".. mind set and enjoy the fun.  So have a end of summer fling and see what come of it.

Oh I forgot to mention we also had a wonderful salad.  I didn't include the great sugar cookies.  They were gone before I got the camera out!

Just a note, I get to go off and have some fun but won't be near a machine to update my blog, so don't worry I am not losing interest just off getting inspired.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm In!

Well I got the news that PIQF has accepted my coat for judging at the upcoming Pacific International Quilt Festival in October.  I also have a piece in the Mountain Art Quilters (MAQ) Special Exhibit.  Now you friends that remember me back when.... and remember how we would go to this show and just be overwhelmed with the size and beauty.. will appreciate just what this means to me.  Never would I have believed this would happen.  It makes me want to jump for joy!
I get to share this excitement with Vicky A, Susan M, and Pat P that also have work in the show.
Hope you can see it . 

You might want to look at the SAQA web site and at their Benefit Auction starting Sept 20.  Each year the artists (really great and big names) donate a 12 x 12" block.  Auction is organized first by the professional artists and then in groups of lesser known artists and then they get to my group.  Go see the site if for no other reason than to enjoy the wonderful work. 

I find it amazing and inspiring that so much art can be created.  For those of you who say you are not artistic... you need to understand that fiber and paint are not the only mediums for artistic expression.  You look around you right now at how you have decorated your space, the food you cook, the gardens you tend or just the way you decide on your clothes.  Every day and in every way, you are using your creativity.  We are all "artsy fartsy"!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Just a Little Hint

Here is just a hint of the SAQA Whisper Quilt Challenge!  As you can see I have begun my favorite thing and that is to embellish the work with beads and stuff!  This would have been further along but it is impossible to bring all the fun and inspiring treasures up to a quilt camp.  Heavens knows there was enough stuff.... stuffed in to the SUV but it still was not all that I needed.  Since the reveal of the Challenge won't be until next Feb, it will be some time before you can see the whole piece. 
That brings me to a request.  If any of you see or have fabric called Quilters Lame, I would love to hear from you.  It has been discontinued!  How could they do this to me.  So I am on the hunt and would be willing to buy any fabric you can spare.