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Friday, October 22, 2010

A Winner!

Norwegian Coat
Third Place Winner
PIQF 2010

Along with two friends - Vicky and Sue, I was a winner at PIQF 2010!  I can't believe I won for a coat that I sewed and I'm sure my Mom would be so surprised.  The coat above which started as a Rachel Clark challenge, won Third Prize for the Coat & Jacket competition.  You can imagine how excited I got when I walked up to the display?  I checked to see if maybe the ribbon had blown over from another coat, but no it was mine.  Life is good.  The bus ride home was really great because there were five of us that had been juried into the show and then there were three of us with ribbons.  Friends shared in the excitement and made the whole thing just that much better.  Again I have to thank my friends for all their support and I think of you often.
There was more good news from SAQA because they sold my donation (12 x 12" square) in the Annual Benefit Auction.  Thanks to the good friend Betty who purchased it.  She saved me from having it mailed back.  Betty was the friend that first brought me into SAQA and I thank her for all the wonderful things that have come from that kindness.

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