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Monday, March 5, 2012

Artful Women Collaboration

This piece was created for a MAQ (Mountain Art Quilters) Challenge called "Four by Four".  Idea is to have four works that complement each other and look well hung together.  The Artful Women decided to collaborate and will each create one to three pieces for the challenge.  Again, I worked with some previous effort that did not go anywhere.  I love how things just develop...first the diamond shapes reminded me of flower petals, then I wanted to make them 3D.... then I found some painted/foiled temtex to work with... but the right angle was the most difficult.  Work, think, let ideas soak, and then comes an idea that can work.  Some people work with lots of planning but I need to just try one thing then anothers.  People think creativity is unique, but don't we all follow the same process when we garden, prepare a meal or decorate our home?  Have a great spring creating your world.

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