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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Promise

The Promise... MAQ Challenge
Here is the almost finished MAQ Challenge.  What a challenge !  After selecting a beautiful picture of sunflowers we divided it up into five sections and then each of us did all five sections.  We all wanted a finished product and the challenge was to see what each of us would create.  Everyone did a beautiful job.  It only took 15 minutes to exchange all the sections with each of us having one from each person.  The curve lines were my idea and I hope the others forgive me!  The center line had four curves so that meant taking it in and out of the machine four times.  As I said I hope they forgive me!  Then came the tricky part ..... what to do next?  After a couple of ideas - adding black crows and maybe stained glass look.. I came up with the idea of the seed packet.  It seems a little out of proportion but I couldn't bear to cut anybodies work.  So, next Wednesday, the MAQ group will have the big reveal and I can't wait.  There is so much talent in the MAQ group.

Do you like the mane?  The Promise      If you have a better name just add it to the comment below.

Vicky and Gail
Jo and Marylee

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