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Friday, May 27, 2011

Lincoln Hills Art Association Winner

Seed - Tree - Home
This is a new and exciting group that my friend Suzanne encouraged (?) me to joined.  President Bill Szabo issued a Art Challenge for 2011 with the theme of "Pastel Colors".  Art was divided between two categories - Fine Art and All Other Art Forms.  The piece above qualified for the Other Category.  Membership voted for the winners and I received $$ for the Other Art Form Category!  How great is that!  I promptly went out and bought more Quilter's Lame' fabric.  Thank you to all the members for their votes.
While I am a new member, this looks to be a great group (aren't they all in Lincoln Hills!).  I have already met lots of fun people with a passion for their art.  This group has two shows planned - One at Mina's Coffee House  June 11 - Sept 9; and Umpqua Bank (date to be added soon).  So plan to swing by these great establishments to see the art and enjoy their service.

About the Art - Tree and birds were created using Sun Printing technique - an easy way to start your fabric dying exploration.  Other fabric was dyed using fiber reactive dyes with Elmer's Glue resist.  Flying Geese were paper pieced.  I used free motion quilting to get the flow of birds and wind and a "nest" for the seed pods at the bottom.  Beading was added and sheer fabric was cut into leaf shapes and added to the tree.  The piece flowed together until the tree and leaves.  That was pondered over for several years!  Finally as the deadline approached, an idea came to me - add little sheer leaves that would appear to float over the tree and ground.  Sometimes it takes awhile for inspiration to hit!

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