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Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Sharpie Fun

My sister-in-law Carolyn, and I had a great day last Wed.  We went to both my Knitting Group and the GNO (Girls Night Out) where we had loads of fun.  Thank You to all who made her feel so welcome.  Later in the afternoon we played with Sharpie pens.  As I have explained in older blogs, Sharpie pens can be used to dye fabric.  We have all used them for marking camp clothing etc but when you layer the colors and then spray with alcohol... well then you have a whole different thing.  The alcohol mixes the dye and it often looks like watercolor.  Here are the some pictures.  Carolyn is going to go home and try her own ideas and I'm sure she will come up with something unique!
The top two are Carolyn's.  She started with circles but then laid the silk fabric over bubble wrap before spraying with alcohol.  For awhile it looked like a mistake but then as it dried....  Mine was a little less successful but I think it will become a great landscape.

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  1. Pam,
    You can always frame it and hang it on your wall. I think it looks very nice.