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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flying High

I am still flying high from last Friday night at the Paint Chip and Davis ArtAbout.  We went down and set the show up Friday morning, which was a new adventure.  At first I thought I might not fill the space and then I had more than enough (as you can see!).  Maia, the co-owner of  Paint Chip, was great and moved her stock to give me more space.  That night I went back for the ArtAbout.... what fun.  People started coming in, friends showed up and I just collected all the wonderful comments from everyone. 
I have to admit it.. I had so much fun that I want to create more and more.  Making my art gives me so much joy.  Thank you to my friends and family that supported me during my pre-show cranky moods and who were so generous with their praise.  Thanks to Melanie Glover of Davis ArtAbout and to The Paint Chip for asking me to show.  I look forward to more show adventures.


  1. Sorry we couldn't make your show......your displays look great! Glad it was a success.

  2. Hello Pam. I wanted to tell you that your display looks terrific! I'm sorry I missed the show. I hope you have another one soon. I love all that you do.