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Sunday, August 7, 2016

A fun thing happened to me!

Hard & Soft

One day out of the blue, I received an email from Style Magazine's Heather L. Becker about writing an article.  Not sure how Heather found me but off we went.  First there were email questions, then more emails.  After that Dante Fontana, their photographer paid a visit.  Both were so professional and true artist in their chosen fields.  My answers were made to sound so interesting and Dante made me look so much better!  Thank you to both Heather and Dante.

I am unable to move the article into this blog so please go to this link.  Style Mag Lincoln Artist Pam Berry  You will find the article listed.  Magazines are available in a variety of places that you can also find on this site.

One note:  I am no longer the curator of the October Fiber Art show at the Art League of Lincoln (ALL).  Jean Cross is now the curator and I encourage you to visit their site.  Art League of Lincoln  You can enter on this site also.  It will be a great show with lots of unique art.

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