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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sometimes I wish time could stand still, but it always seems to go faster and faster!  It has been a great summer full of travel, family visits, visits with friends, and spotty sewing!

These first pictures are from a scrap yard!  The SAQA group in Oregon has a challenge of taking pictures of a scrap yard for inspiration.  At first, I could not imagine what we would find.  One of the members had already taken 150 pictures.... so when my friend and I (plus hubbys) took off, we both thought we might get a few pictures.  Well, we took 140 between us but look what we found.  I highly recommend this activity because there were wonderful shapes, colors, and the light and dark of shadows.

The whole trip to Oregon was a feast for my eyes...... also for my tummy but that is another story.

Here are just two of the many interesting views.  One of our hotels was painted in an Art Deco theme.  All around the room were borders.  Since it was very old, and the piping showed, they had painted the pipe joints with faces.  The old bridge by Gold Beach provided striking shapes.
So I hope your summer was fun and provided many inspiring sights.

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  1. Some really nice things you have done.


    Greg B.