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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How much I've changed...

Early Days
I did this once at an all night'er and then had to
redo all the shashing because it was so crooked!
Poor Mother in Law got it for Christmas and never complained!
Now is the time for reflections for sure!  Looking over some of my original work and what I do now was a surprise to me.  I'm not sure how it happened but its been fun.  Guess the thing that caused change was my constant effort to make a pattern or technique my own.  Back in the day of ceramics, some of my efforts was greeted with the exclamation of "Why can't you just paint like you are supposed to!"  I have to admit that my efforts did not improve the project.  But now thanks to many friends and mentors my efforts are more "acceptable" and appreciated.  Even my hubby now corrects people when they call my work quilting... he now sees it as Fiber Art.  Now don't think I don't want to be a quilter!  That is the base, the center, and the starting point.  It is only because people immediately think of Grandma that I choose to use the words Fiber Art.  It is all Art as anyone can see by going to any of the quilt shows.  The other truth is that I can't sew with the precision of my friends so Fiber Art gives me more leeway.  They even have a name for my fumbling process.... intuitive work.
Anyway, this is the year to evaluate what I really want to do, to let go of some of the fun things in favor of more art associated things, and to enjoy the process.
Here's wishing you the best New Year and a healthy and productive "growing" path.

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