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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Before Pictures

Some of you have mentioned that you enjoyed seeing a piece develop.  Seeing it start at one point and watching me struggle!  Well, here are two projects I am currently working.

First is the MAQ Challenge - Anything but panels.  There are five of us.  We chose a picture of sunflowers on a blue checked table cloth.  The picture was divided into five section using curved lines. (We didn't want to make this too easy)  We all agreed to not make pink sunflowers but that we were encouraged to use our own techniques.  This is just one of the sections.  Doesn't look like much but since I now have the "engineering of the process" done, I feel like I can really go to town.  Just need to settle down and dedicate some time.

Second is also a MAQ Challenge that is due at the end of this month!- Whole Cloth and Beyond.
My whole cloth is more of my Sharpie work.  I made a stencil design and  added some fabric paint.  The quilting gave me trouble.  The circles were so pretty that I was afraid that heavy quilting would cover the watercolor movement of the piece.  Cathy helped me with this and made several suggestions that spurred me in the right direction.  Of course I had to add beads and might add more.  As you can see, I am auditioning a couple of colors for a separate background.  At the last MAQ someone suggested that a black background would show off the work on my Leaves.  Since I can't really piece this whole cloth, I will just make a separate background piece and see if that works.

More to come later this month.

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