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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Hat - A Crown - A ????

This is a secret but I am showing you my entry into our LH Wearable Art Challenge.  The challenge was to use upholstery fabric to make an accessory.  First I tried a belt... well it started out okay but then I couldn't get the fabric to stop fraying and I realized I did not want to emphasize my waist!  I then saw a beautiful hat in a new book (I'll tell you about the book and give credit for my inspiration later).  It was only a little picture but I figured out the engineering and used prairie points vs tie folds and changed a bit more.  Lots of fun and I really like the hat.  Now if I don't sell it at the Davis Artery show I'll be able to wear it to the Challenge meeting, otherwise I will have to make another or bring pictures. 
This is another time that I am so glad I can just do what catches my interest.  Sometimes I cause so much stress with the competitions I want to do and gifts I want to make.  I know I am not alone in this habit and wonder if it isn't some left over thing from work!  The things I might have accomplished if I had just stopped to wonder and ponder.  This is something I am going to add to my "Remember This" list.

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