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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SAQA Whisper Quilt Challenge

Here it is, the piece I have been working on for months.  Actually a week before it was due and then another week just before the reveal.  The challenge is set up like the old telephone game, where you start with one story and see how it changes as it move around the circle of friends.  The first person in each of 5 groups was presented  with a photo to inspire a 22 x 24 quilt.  Those quilts were then passed to the next in line to inspire another set of quilts.  Last week was the reveal of over 30 quilts.  How inspiring and how funny to see how a scene of sea rocks and a crab ended up as trees, flowers, and then back to the sea.  Hard to imagine but go to the SAQA NorCal blog and see the show. I have more work to do with my piece.  First I am cutting off 2 inches on the left (as shown)  and then adding a few more leaves.   I needed to have it done, but upon reflection and some very helpful comments... I have decide to work a bit more.

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