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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Support from Friends

     How many of you are surprised when someone compliments you on your work?  First reaction is to deny the compliment  and the second reaction is to be embarrassed.  Now telling someone they are not smart enough to evaluate your work is very rude, but to just look confident and accept the compliment is another story.  So what to do.  First, we really do have to accept that others can understand your work and could just possibly be correct in their evaluation.   Next is to just try and look confident, smile, and say thank you.  So that is a goal for me and it is getting better.  But it also does bring to mind just how fortunate I have been to have friends and non friends willing to give support and help.
    I started to write a posting about some of these friends and well.... the blog is not big enough.  There are so many!  Some have spent considerable time with me other less but often it was the little comment that gave me the boost I needed.  We truly are connected together and each kindness multiplies well beyond our understanding.  So how to thank so many is beyond me but it is time to thank the beginning.
   Now you might expect I would say my Mom, but learning from your Mom is often a bit difficult.  It wasn't because she didn't offer, then threaten, and plead but I was just a young stubborn girl.  The person that did get me to try hand work and quilting was my Mother In Law - "Skip" Berry.  Skip found the first magazine, provided the fabric, and the gentle persuasion.  Her quilts are made with the recipient in mind and with care.  Her work is precise and she hand quilts beautifully.  Her first quilt for my family was made of fabric from the sewing for her family over the years.  She even got fabric from my Mom that had been used to make my own dresses and outfits.  Over the years as I moved from the traditional, she was always interested and supportive.  She is a good friend.
   So, all of us must stand tall next time a compliment comes our way because not only are we taking the compliment for ourselves, but for all those wonderful people that have helped along the way.


  1. Pam - Love your blog spot!!! It is as creative as you are! Judy G.

  2. This is my first blog experience and I enjoyed it! Thank you Pam

  3. What wonderful thoughts.
    You are a true friend and inspiration to others.

  4. You really do like a challenge. You are not afraid to put yourself into your "work" that you so enjoy! Looks good. Thanks for the invite.
    Barb G.

  5. Great website. We wouldn't expect anything less from someone with your creative talents.