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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Color is my chocolate!

Now I have to admit that it is a rare occasion that I turn down chocolate, but selecting fabrics for a Christine Barns class could be the next best thing. It was a wonderful day with friends and wine and all that fabric I had been collecting over the years (minus the calicos!). Now there is an answer to that silly question of "Why are you buying that fabric?" I knew it would come in handy. All that fabric to sort, touch, and put into neat rows. The subtle differences between shades and the way the colors change when next to other fabric and the impact of just a bit of contrasting color. Light in the room changed everything so we opened all the windows and turned on all the lights. What great fun we all had. Even before the class, we have learned so much. So next time you are tempted to comfort yourself with chocolate... maybe you should just go and sort your stash!

Note: Christine Barns class is in Rocklin at Meissners on July 17.

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